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🚨Lalolab launches small and large sizes for ergo15 earplugs🚨

New variations give you choice for optimal size and fit.

Following on the success of its Ergo15 noise cancelling earplug kit, LaloLab has introduced small and large size variations to complement its standard size.

The standard size fits 80% of customers but if you have a smaller or larger frame, check out the new variations.

Generally, there’s no scientific measure because everyone’s ear canals are different, but from experience we know that the large size fits about 15% of men and 5% of women.

Plus the wearing experience is personal to each - you never know for sure until you try with your own ears, in your own surroundings with actual noise exposure.

Getting the right size that forms a strong seal with your ear is key for optimal noise blocking performance.


Find the new sizes available on Amazon here:

Questions? Email LaloLab customer support at

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