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Lalolab's new earplugs just rolled out on amazon

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

You want to protect your hearing - we listened. Our Ergo15 earplugs with case is available now on

Have you been looking for better earplugs? We have. Friends and family, too. So we went into the lab and designed a new model:

  • BUILT FOR COMFORT: LaloLab earplugs just fit better thanks to their 2018 patented design with German TPE material; the ergonomic curved body follows the shape of your ear canal; the two flange shape provides effective noise reduction; shape and size won’t change no matter how you pull or push them; elongated tabs make them easy to insert or remove

  • ONE KIT FOR YOUR NEEDS: includes one 24dB NRR vented pair (with hole) to reduce noise while allowing air to flow; a second 28dB NRR non-vented pair (without hole) to block noise; plus 2 soft foam pairs as bonus; all standard size and colored to avoid mix them up

  • DURABLE AND EASY MAINTENANCE: resists heat, moisture, sweat, dust; the anti-wax ear tip keeps them clean; wipe with a damp cloth or under running water to sanitize after use; finally, earplugs that last!

  • A THOUGHTFUL GIFT: treat loved ones, friends or colleagues to better hearing protection with a stylish touch; comes in a designer box with bottle and hook for easy storage at home or on the go

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: no risk manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee with 1 year free replacement warranty

Together let's beat noise pollution!

Your friends at LaloLab


Limited Time Launch Offers Available until next week

For details go straight to:

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