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Two Size ERGO15 EARPLUG kits 


ergo two size video
The men's version has 2 bottles and the women's 1 bottle. Note that this video was produced for the men's version but the same tips and techniques apply to both. 
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For Men

Your NEW earplugs: KEY POINTS

  • Your Ergo15 earplugs are made of a new thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material from Germany, which is skin-friendly, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

  • Your kit comes with earplugs in two sizes: Medium & Small or Medium & Large. 

  • They're non-vented, meaning there's no hole to let air through. That's why you see N printed on them (You may have seen that we offer another version of the Ergo15 which is Vented (V) but it doesn't come in two size kits for now; it's currently offered in combination with a Non-Vented N pair for same size earplugs).  

  • Their noise reduction rating is up to 28 dB NRR. 

  • These are particularly suitable for sleeping, napping, swimming, loud music or concerts, working, studying or any environment where noise levels may be a concern

how to insert your earplugs

  • Achieving the optimal fit inside your ear canals may take some practice - well worth it because proper fit means better performance

  • Below are two suggested inserting methods; choose one that's best for you

two size ergo 2 methods

Hold the earplug in one hand. 

Reach over with the other hand, gently pull the ear upward to open the ear canal

Gently insert the earplug with a slight rotating motion using both hands

Adjust the depth until it feels most comfortable

LALOLAB WAY (with one hand)

Hold the earplug and use the same hand for the next three steps 

Lean the earplug on your ear canal  with your middle finger 

Pull the earlobe down with your thumb and index; push the earplug into the ear canal

Adjust the depth by pulling your earlobe up and down until it feels most comfortable


  • Remove the earplugs with a slow twisting motion 

  • After cleaning the earplugs, place them in the bottle for storage and protection

cleaning & maintenance

  • Clean the ear tip of the earplug after each use to remove earwax or other debris

  • Use the small towel wipe to clean them directly or under running water  

  • Use your earplugs for long time by keeping them clean and properly stored

  • Keep them in the original packaging when not in use


  • Use the earplugs as instructed to ensure maximum performance and durability

  • Wash your hands before handling and inserting the earplugs into your ears

  • Avoid exposing your earplugs to chemicals or alcohol as these will alter their functionality and shorten their life span 

  • Keep out of reach of children as small parts may be easily swallowed

  • Do not use the hook for climbing or other activity where it has to carry heavy weight

  • If you are already experiencing an ear infection or have sensitive ears, consult your doctor first. Do not place earplugs in your ears without their consent.


IMPORTANT: As you start placing these earplugs in your ears, keep in mind that finding the optimal fit requires a bit of practice. They're not your regular basic foam earplugs! 

So we recommend spending a few days practicing and fine tuning your wearing experience until they fit snug and create a comfortable seal that blocks outside noise. 

Still have issues? Get in touch

90% of issues raised by customers are resolved by our customer care team.  
Email us BEFORE you return your earplugs to give us a chance to help:

post a review on amazon

We love our customers and hearing your feedback. After you’ve had a chance to get familiar with your earplugs, go ahead and leave a product review! Fellow customers will appreciate seeing you input. 


Join our VIP Club and benefit from special offers by signing up here:

ergo15plus faq


How do I know which size is right for me?

You may want to try the medium size first - it fits about 80% of people. 


If it doesn’t feel right in your ears, then try the other size in your kit. 


Some people may even have slightly different sizes for each ear canal and therefore my find that using a mix of the two sizes works best for them.

How do I insert the earplugs into my ears?

We recommend two methods to choose from: the standard way and the LaloLab way. 


Watch the demo video or follow the  step by step picture guide for tips. 

It's important to find that position within the ear that forms a seal with the earplug. That's when you know it's a good fit.

Why do I need to practice to find the right fit?

Because you want optimal noise reducing performance, and that depends on getting the right size AND the right fit at the same time. 


These aren’t like regular foam earplugs, they’re designed to take the shape of your ear canal and form a seal. But each person’s ear canals are different and you may need a few days to try positions within the ear until you standardize how you want to insert and remove them.

We give you guidelines based on experience with customers, then for you to optimize :) 

I watched the video and read the user guide but still have issues - what should I do?

The first step is to email us at We're able to solve 90% of the most common issues, so you should definitely get in touch and we'll work together on a solution. 

Avoid rushing to return them right away because we won’t have a chance to help.

The earplugs don’t block enough noise - what should I do?

When customers come to us with this question, 9 times out of 10 it’s an issue with size or fit – both are fixable. Knowing this, try to self-diagnose and adjust. 


Also, keep in mind that some customers told us that the earplugs become more comfortable over time, almost like if they ‘mold to your ear canal’. Be patient, practice and you may experience the same.


If you’re still stuck then get in touch with us via email at


No earplugs can guarantee zero noise levels; our Ergo15 earplugs should reduce external noise by close to 80%, depending on how noisy your environment is and your own hearing.

The earplugs hurt my ears - what should I do?

Often this is just a matter of size and probably you need smaller pairs. If even our smallest size hurt your ears, please get in touch at


If, for whatever reason, you suspect you may have an ear infection stop using the earplugs immediately and get in touch with your doctor or an audiologist. These earplugs are hypoallergenic and skin-friendly, made with flexible material from Germany, so they should not be the reason for an infection. 

I am a side-sleeper and feel the elongated tab sticking out against the pillow - what should I do?

Everyone’s wearing experience is different, so there is no one solution that's valid for everyone - you’ll need to see what works best for you. 


That said, the elongated tab is there to help you remove the earplugs from your ears, and therefore the safest option is to keep it. However, if it seems too long for you and becomes uncomfortable while sleeping, you can try cutting 1mm off with scissors to relieve some pressure against the pillow. The TPE material of Ergo15 is a flexible material and you’ll find it easy to cut. Be careful to test removal in that case to make sure you can still pull them out easily with the shortened tab. 


If cutting 1mm still doesn’t solve the issue, you may cut an additional 0.5 to 1mm and repeat the process. We don’t recommend to cut more than 2mm in total. 

I tried a few things, the earplugs don’t perform as expected - should I return them?

You’re covered by our satisfaction guarantee, which includes returns within 30 days. But we recommend you to try and practice on your own first, then get in touch with us for help – we're able to solve 90% of the most common issues, so there's a very good chance we'll solve your issue as well 😊. 

I’m really satisfied with the earplugs and service - what should I do?

Let us know! We love to hear from customers and would be grateful for you to post a product review on the Amazon product page, too. Fellow customers will appreciate seeing your feedback and it will help us doing more and better.

The box is nice for a gift, but this kit is for me - what should I do with the box?

The box is indeed nice as a gift, but it has also a very practical function: storage. You can use it to keep things organized and make sure you won’t lose anything.

The bottle doesn’t open or close well - what should I do?

Just add a drop of oil to the screw top and it will open and close very smoothly. Just don’t over do it, a tiny drop will be enough. 

How to I keep the earplugs clean?

Wash your hands before handling them. After usage, run them under  running water and rub out any ear wax that may have accumulated. You can also use the wipe to clean them either when dry or when under running water. Keep them in the box when not in use.

How do I get in touch with customer care?

Email us at and specify your order number. We’ll be there, 7 days a week.

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