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high fidelity EARPLUGS 


Sp open box.jpg
high5 open blue box WIX.jpg

Your high5+ earplugs (white/blue)

  • Your kit comes with a pair of filters and 2 types of high-quality German-made earplug tips in foam (2 pairs) and soft silicone (1 pair); choose the tips to use based on preference, comfort and the situation

  • The acoustic filter comes with an innovative switch on top of the handle that allows you to toggle between high fidelity (ON) and noise cancellation (OFF) modes

  • Take a pair on the go with you using the carrying case and hook; the cord is included and optional in case you want to keep them attached

  • Ideal for concerts, music rehearsals, production lines, construction - anywhere you want to turn down the volume and reduce external noise but still hear voices and sounds clearly

installing the tips

install 1.jpg
Align filter with tip
install 2.jpg
Push & twist gently
  • The kit comes with the foam earplug tip already installed

  • To switch to the soft silicone tip, pull the foam tip gently from the base around the black inside; use a gradual twisting motion until it twists off, similar to unscrewing the top of a bottle; the foam itself will get squeezed but quickly return to its original shape

  • To install the soft silicone tip, find the small hole and gently fit over the thin end of the filter

  • Follow the same steps to install the foam tips back again


on off 1.jpg
ON position
on off 2.jpg
OFF position
  • You can see ‘OFF’ written on the base of the switch to indicate the off position when pressed down; it's set to noise cancellation mode this way with the filter blocking sound from coming in

  • To turn on high fidelity mode, press the other 'ON' side down flat against the filter base so that the 'OFF' side is raised

  • You should be able to tell the difference right away between ON and OFF when the earplugs are in your ears and you're at a concert or in a loud environment

  • Keep the filter ON for situations when you want to enjoy the high fidelity feature (with NRR of about 20dB) and let sound through clearly at lower volume; switch it OFF when you need higher noise protection (with NRR up to 30dB) and cancel more external noise


cord 1.jpg
Place smaller hole up
cord 2.jpg
Install the tip
  • Use the cord when you want to keep the earplugs attached around your neck or avoid the chance of losing them individually

  • To attach the cord, detach the earplug tip from the filter first, then insert the cord on top of the filter with the small hole on top, and install the tip again; then do the same with the other earplug

  • Wear the earplugs keeping the cord on the back of your neck, so that when you take them off they conveniently hang from your shoulders 


storing in case
case 1.jpg
Up & down
into lid
case 2.jpg
Screw lid to base
  • These earplugs are a bit larger than traditional earplugs; therefore insert the earplugs into the lid first with one tip upside down and the other right side up, then attach the lid to the base

  • The carrying case can host one pair of earplugs at a time; leave the remaining earplug tips in the box so you won’t lose them

how to insert your earplugs

  • Achieving the optimal fit inside your ear canals may take some practice - well worth it because proper fit means better performance

  • Below are two suggested inserting methods; choose one that's best for you


Hold the earplug in one hand


Reach over with the other hand, gently pull the ear upward to open the ear canal


Gently insert the earplug with a slight rotating motion 


Adjust the depth until it feels most comfortable

LALOLAB WAY (with one hand)

Hold the earplug and use the same hand for the next three steps 


Lean the earplug on your ear canal  with your middle finger 


Pull the earlobe down with your thumb and index; push the earplug into the ear canal


Adjust the depth by pulling your earlobe up and down until it feels most comfortable

cleaning & maintenance

  • Clean the earplug tip after each use to remove earwax or other debris

  • Use your earplugs for a longer time by keeping them clean and properly stored

  • Keep them in the original packaging when not in use

  • Clean foam tips with the mini-brush; silicone tips can be washed under running water (or using the mini-brush); do not get the filter wet or expose it to other liquids. The tiny metal hook at the end of the brush can be used for scraping out any dirt or wax which may accumulate inside the ear tips. 

  • The mini-brush tip has a magnet so you can attach it to your favorite place and always remember where it is.  


  • Use the earplugs as instructed to ensure maximum performance and durability

  • Wash your hands before handling and inserting the earplugs into your ears

  • Avoid exposing your earplugs to chemicals or alcohol as these will alter their functionality and shorten their life span 

  • Keep out of reach of children as small parts may be easily swallowed

  • If you are already experiencing an ear infection or have sensitive ears, consult your doctor first. Do not place earplugs in your ears without their consent.

wearing experience

IMPORTANT: As you start placing these earplugs in your ears, keep in mind that finding the optimal fit requires a bit of practice. They're not your regular foam earplugs! 

So we recommend spending a few days practicing and fine tuning your wearing experience until the perform at the level you expect in your surroundings. Their effect will be best appreciated at a concert, for example.

Get in touch with feedback or questions at: 

post a review on amazon

We love our customers and hearing your feedback. After you’ve had a chance to get used to your earplugs, go ahead and leave a product review. 

lalolab vip club

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what's the difference between the 2 tips? 

Your kit includes 2 foam tips and 1 silicone tip. They’re interchangeable and have similar noise reduction ratings up to 30dB NRR. Try them both out in your ears and see which you prefer in terms of fit and effectiveness. 

How do I take the foam out from the filter without risking tearing apart the foam itself?

Hold the foam at the base and apply gradual force in a twisting motion, as if you were unscrewing a cap. The foam should come off along with its black interior. After doing it the first time, you'll know and it'll become easy. 

How should I use the filter?

First step is to watch the demo video

The back of the filter has a rocking toggle switch which is either ON or OFF. It's simple to adjust once inside your ears and you should be able to tell from the sound coming in or being blocked whether it's OFF or ON.

How do I insert the earplugs into my ears?

We recommend two methods to choose from: the standard way and the LaloLab way. 


Watch the demo video or follow the  step by step picture guide for tips. 

Why do I need to practice to find the right fit?

Because you want optimal noise reducing performance, and that depends on getting the right size *and* the right fit at the same time. 


These aren’t like regular foam earplugs, they’re designed to take the shape of your ear canal and form a seal. But each person’s ear canals are different and you may need a few days to try positions within the ear until you standardize how you want to insert and remove them.

We give you guidelines based on experience with customers, then for you to optimize :) 

I watched the video and read the user guide, but I still have issues - what should I do?

The first step is to email us at We're able to solve 90% of the most common issues, so you should definitely get in touch. 

Avoid returning them right away because we won’t have a chance to help you find a solution. 

The earplugs don’t block enough noise, what should I do?

Have you tried both tips? Look there first. Make sure you've achieved optimal fit. 

If you still have issues get in touch at

The earplugs hurt my ears, what should I do?

Often this is just a matter of fit. We recommend going back to the foam tips and using them exclusively - they shouldn't hurt. 


If, for whatever reason, you suspect you may have an ear infection stop using the earplugs immediately and get in touch with your doctor or an audiologist. 

I tried a few things and the earplugs don’t perform as expected - should I return them?

You’re covered by our satisfaction guarantee, which includes returns within 30 days. But we recommend you to try and practice on your own first, then get in touch with us for help – we're able to solve 90% of the most common issues, so there's a very good chance we'll solve your issue as well. 

I’m really satisfied with the earplugs and service - what should I do?

Let us know! We love to hear from customers and would be grateful for you to post a product review on the Amazon product page, too. Fellow customers will appreciate seeing your feedback and it will help us doing more and better.

The box looks nice for a gift, but this kit is for me - what should I do with the box?

The box is indeed nice as a gift, but it has also a very practical function: storage. You can use it to keep things organized and make sure you won’t lose anything.

The bottle doesn’t open or close well - what should I do?

Just add a drop of oil to the screw top and it will open and close very smoothly. Just don’t over do it, a tiny drop will be enough. 

It’s difficult to insert the earplugs into the bottle - what should I do?

Watch the demo video and follow the step by step guide for tips. 

Ultimately you'll want to put one right side in and the other right side out. Only one pair with tips can fit in the bottle at once. Keep your extra tips in the box for storage. 

How do I keep the earplugs clean?

Wash the silicone ear tips under running water. For the foam tips use the mini-brush.

How do I get in touch with customer care?

Email us at We’ll be there, 7 days a week. Include your order.

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