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3d sleep mask



Your NEW Vera 3D Eye Mask

  • Your eye mask comes with carrying pouch and a bonus pair of foam earplugs.

  • Its 3D ergonomic shape – with contour around the eyes and the nose - is designed to block 100% of the light and gives you the experience of being in total darkness.

  • Your eyes should move freely inside the mask with no cover pressure.

  • The inside of the mask is made of super soft memory foam that feels comfortable on your face, without leaving any marks around your eyes after use.

  • It’s currently available in three colors – black, gray and turquoise.

  • The mask fits any head size thanks to its adjustable elastic strap with velcro.

  • This mask should become your ideal companion for sleeping, napping and relaxing whether at home, in he office or when traveling.

Wearing the mask/adjusting the strap

  • Wear the mask making sure the strap goes behind your ears; this is usually the most comfortable position for most people

  • You can wear the mask and adjust the strap at the same time; this is a good way to find the length that best fits your head size and makes you most comfortable

  • When the mask is properly put on, no light should come from the side, nor from below around the nose area. You should experience total darkness

  • If you see a bit of light coming in, it means the mask may not be tight enough or its position on the face is not well centered. In this case adjust the strap and make sure the mask feels well positioned 

  • If you have tighten it too much and feel a slight discomfort or pressure on your eyes, simply adjust the strap and loosen it a bit until it feels comfortable again

Using the zipper pouch
  • Use the zipper pouch to carry the mask with you when on the go or to storage the mask when not in use

  • Sometimes the zipper pouch may carry a bit of smell; for this reason we have inserted a charcoal bag to help absorb it; if you are particularly sensitive to smell, you may air the zipper bag for a while which will help reduce its intensity

Cleaning and maintenance
  • The Vera eye mask is made of quality, durable material – soft memory foam on the inside and smooth velvet on the outside

  • Hand wash at regular warm temperature and hang it to dry. You can also machine wash it on soft cycle and machine dry it. Slow gentle cycle there, too. The material is strong enough to handle the washing machine and dryer, but just in case you get the wrong cycles, we suggest to stay on the safe side and hand wash

Still have issues? Get in touch

90% of issues raised by customers are resolved by our customer care team.  
Email us BEFORE you return your sleep mask to give us a chance to help:

post a review on amazon

We love our customers and hearing your feedback. After you’ve had a chance to get familiar with your sleep mask, go ahead and leave a product review! Fellow customers will appreciate seeing you input. 


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vera faq


Will I get best results the very first time I wear the mask?

Most people feel ‘wow’ the very first time. For some people they may need to use it and adjust the strap a few times before experiencing its full potential. If you are one of those people, just be patient and find the right fit around your head. When you experience total darkness without feeling the mask too tight on your face, you should already feeling this mask is doing its job as promised.

Should the strap go above or under my ears?

Most people find most comfortable to wear the strap behind the ears.

How do I adjust the strap? 

Simply detach and re-attach the velcro at the desired position. The easiest way to find the best fit is to adjust the strap while wearing the mask.You should be able to find the ideal position within a few attempts.

Is this mask one-size fits all?

Yes! In fact it’s suitable for adult men and women and teenagers.

I don’t seem to experience total darkness, any tips?

Adjust the position of the mask on your face and the strap behind your head. If the mask is properly put on, you should experience total darkness.

I read this online user guide, but I still have questions or issues - what should I do?

Please get in touch with us. We're able to solve over 90% of the most common issues. 

Avoid returning it right away because we won’t have a chance to help you find a solution.

the mask feels uncomfortable, what should I do?

Make sure the strap is not too tight, adjust the position of the mask by moving it slightly up and down (or sideways). If none of these tips work, get in touch with us and will do our best to help you. 

Is this mask washable? 

Because of its delicate material, this mask is not machine washable and it’s best to avoid hand washing. You may remove stains with a wet towel. 

I’m really happy with this mask and your customer care - what should I do?

Let us know! We love to hear from customers and would be grateful for you to post a product review on the Amazon product page, too. Fellow customers will appreciate seeing your feedback and it will help us doing more and better.

If I am not satisfied with this sleep mask, should I return it?

You’re covered by our satisfaction guarantee, which includes returns within 30 days. But we recommend you to try to find the right fit and then get in touch with us for help – we're able to solve 90% of the most common issues, so there's a good chance we'll solve your issue as well. 

How do I get in touch with customer care?

Email us at and specify your order number. We’ll be there, 7 days a week.

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